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Vit hava tann mest orkusparandi føroyska ketilin, sera orkusparandi, friðarligur og gevur nógv heitt vatn til brúsuna.

The 3-way heating system is cleaner and more efficient.

The low-energy boiler L-2000 is a very energy saving boiler and with its innovative construction ensures that the environment will not be polluted more than absolutely necessary.

The boiler is a so called pipe boiler with a large heat exchange surface, a cylindrical furnace and smoke channel and a large water capacity of 150 L. This means that the burner has longer intervals.

The boiler has a very efficient spiral for hot water and can be extended with further heat exchange if this should be necessary.

The boiler is 560mm wide, 630mm deep and 1250mm high.

On Model L-2000 the exhaust pipe comes from the back whereas on L-2000T it comes from the top.

On Model L-2000A the distance from the floor to the centre of the exhaust is: 515 mm

On Model L-2000T the distance from the floor to the centre of the exhaust is: 1300 mm

The boiler has as standard a thermostat, thermometer, manometer, a shunt and an exhaust. The L-2000 has 95% energy efficiency.

Bigger boilers
These have the same construction as L2000 and are available with or without accessories for the water for use.

New 2006
B18 is “the” boiler for your boat.

B18 is a result of our expirience with building other boilers over many years, and we have tested the B18 for a long time.
3 times is better.
The boiler is a pipe boiler and the exhaust smoke is lead througt the burning flame before it isl be lead trought the pipes in the boiler.
Therefore the B18 has a very clean burning, good for the nature, for the bolier and for you......
The B18 can be fitted with extra plate heat-exchangers, for the connection with the boat-motor and for domestic hot water for washing and shower.
The oil burner is a standard burner 220v with proved components, and little service is needed.
The oil-burner is fitted with a thermostat and an overheating termostat, and the oil-burner must be connected electricall with the termostats.
The cirkulation pump is 220v and must be connected to the transformer 12-24v/220 together with the oil-burner.
Please remember to place an oil-filter on the oil-pipe close to the oil-burner, and be sure there is a melting-valve between the filter and the oil-hose on the burner.
The boiler is fitted with 4pcs- m8 bolts on the top, and 4pcs- m8 bolts at the bottom.
Be sure that you fasten the boiler well!

The B18 weights 50 kg
Contens about 25l water
Lenght: 500 mm without burner
With: 420 mm
Deept: 420 mm